Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Managers xmas swap

Here are a couple manager swap pictures.
Hailey made a decorative plate with vinyl, has a cool stand to hold it.

Wow, this took some time to make, Karon cut out the top of  a pocket from
her daughters jeans and sewed it to another pair of jeans to make this cool journal.
She even sewed the flower on!
I think I would of glued..hehehe
Very cool

Ok, have to admit, the bag is almost half gone..lol It is filled with different flavors of hersheys kisses

More to come!

Day 20 - Chris's project

This was kinda hard to photograph but it is a stand to hold sticky notes. Gotta hide from my kids, they love to take my sticky notes and make those moving picture books, flip books I think they r called..lol
So they draw a picture on each page and then u flip the pages quickly to see the "movie" It is fun to see how they think but man, like I said, there goes all my sticky notes!
Love the embossed butterfly!

Dec 19th gift

Blyss made this wonderful project, The handmade flowers are so wonderful on it!
Remember, you can click on the photos to get a closer look :O)
I got these cute tins from axman! Love that place :O)

I got the lockets off ebay and the chains I had to buy a big strand of chain and then added the clasps and end pieces myself.
Then I made a perfume to put on the inside of the locket. Using beeswax and jojoba oil, the perfume oil I used was Egyptian Shalimar. Love the scent. I spent over an hour testing scents at a local herb store, I left with a huge headache..lol
I found when I made the batch, it might not of been as strong as I could have made it.
I wanted the smell to come thru the locket so you could smell it outright but the smell of the metal itself from the locket was stronger. I was afraid to add too much. But if you rub and apply to the skin it leaves a very fresh scent.
I also made some for my daughter but added lip balm to the locket instead of the perfume.
After I made them I got to wondering if maybe the lockets had lead in them since I did get the locket from China, so again off to ebay, I ordered a lead kit and tested the locket and it came up free of lead. Would of hated to toss those all in trash..lol
It was a very fun project to make. I used a medicine dropper to add the warmed perfume waxes and oils to the locket. Had to do very quickly though cuz it cooled fast and plugged the dropper. I found I could usually do 2 lockets at a time, if I did it immediately. If I didnt do it quick enough it would splatter all over the locket and created a fun mess to clean up.

Today is the 18th, my second project

I LOVED this paper, it is not wrapping paper but handmade. Got it at an estate sale. Beautiful on a gift!

Day 17 brought us...

I have to admit, I ate the candy canes with chocolate right after taking the picture..hahaha

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 16 - Karine

This gift took a long journey to get to us, all the way from Canada!
Now I have seen these before on cards, it is I believe called a waterfall card.
I never thought they worked too well on cards but this is absolutely perfect for a calendar!

What a very creative use for a card technique!
Thanks Karine!